Activity feed

Dear fellow Yii coders,

I’m looking for the brightest minds to develop the greatest extension Yii has even seen.

Talking in superlatives is not irresponsible in this situation. Activity feeds are going to be, if not already, the hugest improvement for any decent web 2.0 application. Facebook and Twitter do that for some time now, just to mention the biggest names in the market.

As a result, this easily pluggable extension would bring serious attention to Yii. If we could achieve flexibility with an easy-to-use API, this piece of software would really change the face of web development in this PHP area.

Even though this all seems quite revolutionary, I’m dead serious. Let’s pwn Twitter together in their own game.

If you feel the same way as I do, don’t hesitate to contact me at Send some basic bio about yourself, and pick a famous web service that could take great advantage of activity feeds in your opinion. Don’t forget to mention the reasons why it’d be good for them.

Fantastic Idea! Here’s the beginning of a spec:

  1. it has an event api that lets u trigger posting events to it.

    parameters: actor, target, time, message, etc,

  2. an easily skinnable view for the activity feed.

    special tools:

    -backend filters (i.e. to filter the results in the feed according to a million params)

    -rss feeds

    -commenting on feed items like facebook/social-cast

    -attaching various things

    -filter widgets for the frontend, i.e. like categories filter in social cast

  3. display feed that friends see


-user defined rules of what friends and non-friends can see

  1. Misc.

-feed updating in real time so it almost becomes like a chat interface. has this

-"like" functionality

-advanced filter functionality, i.e. like facebook lists

What else?

It must integrate with built-in tools, such as user management.

Also, “attaching various things” doesn’t necessarily cover flash file uploader, but I think it’d be nice to have.

I like this. I just discovered Yii today. I have been looking for a Framework that can power a potentially major web app like you mention twitter or FB or even EBAY. I have a project in mind. Me and two of my friends are looking to start this project with an extra hand to help in bring it alive. And it will include this features.

I read that Yii is built for greatness. If Yii is to become a great Framework, this words must come true.

Hi njakson, bring your friends on board and tell us what you’re doing! Share some ideas how you’ll actually be using the activity feed once it’s released, and whether you three would like to contribute so it can happen faster?

Hi, i’ve spoken to my friends about it. Although we would like to contribute, am very new to Yii so it wont be in terms of code but I could do the UI and post some screen-shots and slicing. I am on my second day in the Yii community so am still a few months away before I can master any techniques here. My friends are yet to try out Yii though.

Another way we could contribute is by testing. Given we have a project for a potentially very large website, we would have the activity feed work as the centre of communication on the site.

@pestaa If you would like to know about our project then we would like to speak to you privately. Am sure we can work something out.