activeTextField Properties


I've been flipping through the class reference but can't find anywhere a list of the properties related to something like activeTextField.  In the example below, the size and maxlength are set, but where can I find a list of these properties?

<?php echo CHtml::activeTextField($search,'where', array('size'=>50, 'maxlength'=>50)); ?>



These are HTML tag attributes. It is not defined in Yii. You can put in anything that would result in a valid HTML tag.

that's propeties of HTML tag. Refer to the HTML documentation. All it does - adds key="val" parameters to the input tag.

If I write

<?php echo CHtml::activeTextField($search,'where', array('style'=>'border:solid #FF0000 3px')); ?>

it will give me an input field with red solid border, 3px width.

Just think of it as of another way for adding HTML attributes.

Thanks to both of you. 

It's a very simple approach… great!