activeTextField and activeTextArea - default values

Here is how I set up activeTextField and activeTextArea, with the aim of having default values upon page load:

<?php echo CHtml::activeTextField($contact, 'name', array('value'=>'Your Name')); ?>

<?php echo CHtml::activeTextArea($contact, 'enquiry', array('value'=>'Details of Enquiry')); ?>

Couple of things:

  1. When there is a validation error, the default value is populated in the field, instead of the posted value

  2. I can’t get the default value for the textarea to display

Can anyone advise how to do this?

  1. By setting the value directly you override the value on the $contact model

  2. Text areas do not have a "value" attribute,

Personally I would set the "default" values on the $contact model class itself, and not supply the html attributes.


Cheers, thanks for your help.

How can I check that the posted values are not the default values of the form fields?

In the controler:

in the same way that you put the value?

In the Model:

perhaps creating a variable in the controller and then using it in the model validator

in the controler

public default_value_for_xxxxx='yyyyy';

in the model

    public function rules()


        return array(




public function xxxxxValidator()


           if ($this->default_value_for_xxxxx==$this->xxxxx)





I hope is what you want

activeTextArea should be able to support pre-filled values, since it’s based on CHtml::tag, which has a $content parameter. You might want to file an issue ticket for that!

OK in my model I created an attribute:

public $name=‘Your Name’;

Is there a "rule" I can put in the model that will check to see if the submitted value matches $name?

Perhaps declare self::YOUR_NAME and use it in a CCompareValidator (compareValue)?


yes tri, Starting from version 1.0.8, CCompareValidator supports different comparison operators. Previously, it only compares to see if two values are equal or not.



public function rules()


        return array(




note: $this->name if you put the default value in the controller

  self::name if you put  the default value in the model

no tested :)


public $name='Your Name';

I think the name "name" is not a good idea, is the same as the model

maybe "name_default_value"

any news about the default activeTextarea value ?

is it available on 1.1rc ?

Are you talking about that? see this link


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Thx for let me know that!