ActiveRecord - Oracle x SQL Server

I have an application that uses Mysql with ActiveRecord. I’ll have to change de database to Oracle or SQL Server.

Which is the easiest to migrate from Mysql?

There are known problems with ActiveRecord and this databases?

I do not have any information about MSSQL, but I did use Oracle with Yii:

  1. there is no official and supported PDO driver for Oracle. The one existing is in ‘experimanetal’ stage, quite old and feature-less… You will have to use some wrapper (PHPPDO) that maps oci8 functions to PDO.

  2. there are some issues fetching multiple rows with BLOB/CLOB field and fetching even single row with multiple BLOB/CLOB fields…

  3. Oracle itself in my opinion sucks. it is hard to administer, maintain… had some problems getting support we pay for… pain in the ass :)

there are ways and workarounds to make everything work (we did some projects with Oracle), but it is not as easy as MySQL :)

…and like I said - I do not have experience with MSSQL so it maight be even worse, but can be easier. I think MSSQL and MySQL have come built-in compatibilities (from MySQL side of course :) ) so it might be easier to go this way.

Thank you for answer.

I’ll do some tests with SQL Server