activeListbox problem

have three tables - photos, categories, photos_categories - MANY_MANY rela

now i want in form for creating photo entrys, have list of categories, and select more than one.

so i have this in photos/_form


echo CHtml::activeListBox($model, 'categories', CHtml::listData($cats, 'id', 'categoryName'), array('empty' => '--Select a category--', 'multiple'=>'multiple')); ?>

which works fine, i create the post, using CAdvancedArBehavior - it writes relation to photos_categories table.

but, when i want to update the post, the listbox in update form doesnt select the propper items that are stored, as if it did not accepted ‘categories’ as selected list… if i look after what comes to update in $model->categories - its array of categories objects.

anyone can help me with that? i tryed to look after some MANY-MANY example, with form, but found none.

just for people who will end in this as i did, found a workaround for this. According to this issue -

solution - this is clearest i found.

Seems to me Yii needs a full example using many-many (it would help me greatly). Any chance you would be willing to post yours?