ActiveForm toggle event to yiiActiveForm

I want to add "beforeSubmit" event to my form using [php]ActiveForm+[js]yiiActiveForm.

Ok, start from "view" (smarty):

{ActiveForm assign='f' id='myid' action=''}

{$f->field($model, 'name')}

{$f->field($model, 'name2')}


ActiveForm will register yii\widgets\ActiveFormAsset with "yii.activeForm.js" who has "events.beforeSubmit" possible to toggle, but how to do it?

I try to modify line:

$view->registerJs("jQuery('#$id').yiiActiveForm($attributes, $options);");

at yii\widgets\ActiveForm (I extended it) by add some "$options" items:

$options['beforeSubmit'] = new JsExpression('function() { alert("got it <img src='' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' />"); }');

It display at page correctly (js code without errors), but my "beforeSubmit" not toggled - nothing happens after submit form.

ps. I want to code simple form with error-reporting support and AJAX submit (with form cleaning after successed). Should I use yii\widgets\ActiveFormAsset or it is not ready yet?