ActiveForm $form->field results in ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE

Good day.

I have a Yii2 advance template site, which runs fine on my local server (Vagrant Ubuntu 14.04 install with php7.0)

The Server is a Ubuntu 16.04 with Php7.0 install (I installed php7.0 on my local dev to have about similar install as the server)

My pages are working fine on my local dev, but on the server, I had issues opening some of the pages - where it only returns ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE and a blank page.

I traced the source of the error down to the following:

As soon as I call something like :

<?= $form->field($model, ‘Consent’) ?>

Then the page on the server just returns a blank page with the ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE error, the rest like

<?= Html::submitButton(‘Login’, [‘class’ => ‘btn btn-primary’]) ?>

Works fine, as soon as I have a $form->field, then it bombs out?

I see no indication in a log or the site error logs to indicate why?

Question is, is there an alternative then to using $form->field, or why would it work fine on one server and not another?

IF any more details required please let me know how and what to provide

Thank you in advance


Not sure myself how to debug stuff on server where can’t step thru and logs and showing anything - other than good old fashioned echoing stuff out or writing to log file or something.

Would be guessing that either your $form is null or $model possibly null? Possibly difference in database from local to server?

Am surprised nothing in logs.