ActiveField delegate label to specific element

Hi all,

Is it possible when creating an ActiveField to specify which DOM element the label text populates?

I have the following:

<label class="b-form__fieldContainer">

      <span class="b-form__fieldName" id="labelElement"></span>

      <span class="b-form__fieldWrapper">

          <span class="b-form__singleField">


                  echo $form->field($model, 'attribute')






What I would like to do is specify that the element "#labelElement" is populated with the text retrieved from the model.

The only way I can make it work at the moment is to set "label(false)" on the ActiveField and manually populate the "#labelElement" using a server side call.

Any help greatly appreciated.


ActiveField only render a HTML code so I cannot imagine how it would be possible to specify the DOM element (without using JS).

Nevertheless, there is a lot of ways how you can customize the generated HTML code. Perhaps it will work for your needs as well.

Here is an example how yii\bootstrap\ActiveForm (yii\bootstrap\ActiveField) can be customized:

<?php $form = ActiveForm::begin([

    'fieldConfig' => [

        'template' => "<label class=\"sample-a\">{labelTitle}</label>\n{hint}\n{input}\n{error}",

        'checkboxTemplate' => "<div class=\"sample-b\">{input}\n{hint}\n{labelTitle}\n{error}</div>",


]) ?>

This configures all fields of the for. Individual fields can be configured as well.

Sometimes when you need to customize how items are rendered you can use something like this:

'item' => function ($index, $label, $name, $checked, $value) {

    if (is_array($label)) {

        $content = Html::radio($name, $checked, [

                'value' => $value,

                'data' => ['points' => $label[1]],

            ]) . ' ' . $label[0];

    } else {

        $content = Html::radio($name, $checked, [

                'value' => $value,

            ]) . ' ' . $label;


    return Html::label($content);