activeDropDownList with multiple values selected


Is it posible to get multiple values selected with activeDropDownList or CHtml::DropDownList?

<select id="User_authCategories" name="User[authCategories][]" class="dropdown" multiple="multiple" size="8">

	<?php foreach ($categories as $item) : ?>



		<?php if(in_array($item->id,CHtml::listData($model->authCategories,'id','id'))) echo 'selected="selected"'?> 

		value="<?php echo $item->id ?>"><?php echo $item->name ?></option>

	<?php endforeach ?>


In other words. Is posible to get something like the above code using DropDownList?

i am doing this with checkBoxList, but it have to no difference

$myAllOptionsArray = array(1=>'one',2=>'two',3=>'three',4=>'four',5=>'five',6=>'six');

$model->myModelAttribute = array(2,4,6);

echo $form->checkBoxList($model,'myModelAttribute',myAllOptionsArray);

it should look like:

> one

> two *

> three

> four *

> five

> six *

not tested with these data, but if you get the idea than you could fix your problem