activeDropdownList that has to update several fields

Hi all,

I have an activeDropdownList that has to update another activeDropDownList that has several dependant fields, textfields and grids inside a tab. If the first activeDropdownList change, it has to change the second one, so the second does change as well, therefore it has to change their dependant fields inside the tabs.

To summarize when the first activeDropdownList change, all the other fields have to change as well.

I have read some solutions to do this:

1.- Submit the form and reload all the fields

2.- To put all the fields into a div and using ajax to update changes

3.- To use json in order to update every field.

What would be the best implementation to get this?

I have test all of them and I’ve got problems with every one, probably it is because i am very newbie with yii, php, ajax and json…

1.- With this solution i have to distinguish the action because i don´t really want to submit the form yet… how can i do it?

2.- With this solution i had problems to get tabs to work with ajax, first tab works but the others are inactive. It seems like javascript is not working at all.

3.- I don´t know how to render the grids inside the tabs

Can anyone help me? Thank you in advance

I have the same problem. When i change the value of a dropDownList, several fields have to be updated to.

Someone can help us?

You may find some clues here:

Dependent Dropdown