activeCheckboxList order

I’m looking for a tip or trick to do a vertical list that wraps with activeCheckBoxList. I know the default simply listed with <br> tags, and I can do a horizontal listing by using CSS and float:left.

What I’m trying to accomplish is to keep the order vertical but make 3 or 4 columns. For example, if I was doing checkboxes for all 50 states, to have 4 columns of 25 which are easier to hunt through when the first column is Arizona through Georgia and the top the next column starts with Hawaii to Maine, etc.

This is basically described at the web page with, I’m trying to accomplish that with Yii.

Without using the widget, I know I could just loop through the states and do some sort of if ($count % 25 ==0) whatever loop, but I’d like to just keep it within the built-in functions whenever possible.

(I accidentally posted in the wrong section, this should be in Tips and Tricks, but I can’t delete a post after I’ve posted it and can’t change the section it’s in … moderators, help??)

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We can move it to tips and tricks when / if it becomes a tip or a trick. :)