ActiveCheckBoxList insert values in controllador - Yii

I need to insert a activeCheckBoxList selected values. The controller must keep one record for each selection made in the activeCheckBoxList.

But not like walking over to know each value selected in the controller after sending the POST method values.

echo CHtml::activeCheckBoxList($losResponsables, 'Empleados_id', CHtml::listData(Empleados::model()->findAll("Estado = 1 and esjefe = 1"), 'id_empleado', 'NombreCorto'),array('template'=>'<div class="span5">{input}{label}</div>','separator'=>'', 'labelOptions'=>array('style'=> 'padding-left:13px;width: 120px;float: left;'),'style'=>'float:left;',));

Ok this is the solution:

$losResponsables = $_POST['Responsables']['Empleados_id'];

	foreach ($losResponsables as $los_responsables) 


		$model=new Responsables;

		$model->Correspondencia_id = $_GET['idCorrespondencia'];

		$model->Empleados_id = $los_responsables;