Active record saving nulls in sqlite


I am trying to save a simple record to an sqlite database. Here are the details…

[color="#0000FF"]class StudentAR extends ActiveRecord


public $name;

public $age;

public $salary;

public  function rules()


    return [


            [['salary','age'],'integer','message'=>'Must be a valid number'],




public static function tableName()


    return 'student';



In the controller… i do this…

$st = new StudentAR();

$st->name = $model->name;

$st->age = $model->age;

$st->salary = $model->salary;



echo $st->name . " – name<br />";

echo $st->age . " – age<br />";

echo $st->salary . " – salary<br />";

my sqlite database table is this

create table student(name text, age integer, salary integer)

every time, i run my code it goes through without any error… but this is what i see in my table.

sqlite> select * from student;



I dont know why it is inserting only null values.

When i print the actual value in the echo statements, they seem to print the correct values.

what am i missing?

Thanks in advance.