Active Record save() memory exhausted

Hi all,

I’m using Yii 2.0.6 and got a “memory exhausted” error using the save() function in a forech loop.

My aim is to query some data from one table and insert/update it in some other table. Wihtout the save() function, the memory footprint remains the same. If I enable the save() line the memory footprint increases constanly. I’ve tried unset(), xy = NULL, __unset… nothing helped.

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance.


        // fetch 100 products at a time and iterate them one by one

         foreach (CatalogProducts::find()->select('Model')->distinct()->each(100) as $product) {


			$web = WebshopProduct::findOne(['ArticleId' => $product->Model]);

			if ($web == NULL) {

				$web = new WebshopProduct();


			$web->Column1 = 'Some data';

			$web->Column2 = $product->Model;

			$web->Variantencode = 'ABC';

			$web->tsk_creationDate = '20150901 00:00:00';




			// DEBUG

			echo number_format(memory_get_usage()) . "\n";


Do you test it in debug mode?

If yes - try to disable logging

Thanks a lot for the hint. It works.

You saved my day.