active record pagination

In the docs and stackoverflow I can do this:

$pages = new Pagination(['totalCount' => $count, 'defaultPageSize' => 5]);

But how and where do you add in the other querystring parameters, like

If you returned a search result where does the &color=blue&size=large go.

I googled and searched yii site for appending querystring parameters to pagination.

Like laravel you just pass along using appends:

{{ $users->appends(['color' => $color])->links() }}



Edit, I believe this is it, correct me if wrong:

$pages = new Pagination(['totalCount' => $count, 'defaultPageSize' => 5, 'params' => array('foo' => 'bar')]);

I just added params array after count.

Maybe this will help someone, docs should cover it though.[/s]

Well spoke too soon, I am just getting the same page of data over and over.

Ok I ran my test database through this:

public function actionDlist()


        $sch = Yii::$app->request->get('sch', 'c');

        $schquy = $sch . "%";

        $page = Yii::$app->request->get('page', '1');

        $count = Dog::find()->where(['like', 'dogname', $schquy, false])->count();

        echo $count;   //33 and I confirmed this

        $query = Dog::find()->where(['like', 'dogname', $schquy, false]);

        $pages = new Pagination(['totalCount' => $count, 'defaultPageSize' => 5, 'params' => array('sch' => $sch)]);


        $dogs = $query->offset($pages->offset)



        $this->layout = 'dog/artp';

        return $this->render('dlist', [

                    'dogs' => $dogs,

                    'pages' => $pages                    



And with that the paginator is somewhat working. It actually correctly paginates through page 1 through 6. There are 33 results, but when you click page 7, nothing. So the paginator isn’t picking up the last page.

Any tips here.