Active link in navigation bar Bootstrap 3

Hello guys,

In my previous project written in Yii 1.1x

I used following code to make a link in my boostrap navigation bar active

$this->menu = array(

array('label' => 'Menu'),

array('label' => 'Profile', 'url' => '#', 'active' => true)


Now in my Yii2 project, bootstrap 3, this approach doesn’t work.

Can anyone suggest how can I make a link active in navigation bar?

I use following code in my column1.php layout file to render navigation bar



echo \yii\bootstrap\Nav::widget([

'items' => $this->menu,




Thanks in advance.

try SideNav, "active" attribute works.

Thanks for suggestion I will try it out.

Looks like site.css not contain "active" class.

try to add this code:

.nav a, .nav a:hover  {

    background-color: #08D;

    color: white;


Such a shame since solution was so simple, thanks very much!

Next time I need to be more careful