actionIndex or indexAction or index

If you name a controller as


the name of the action should be:

actionIndex or indexAction or index

Yii uses the 1st but most of the frameworks out there (sf, zend, java-struts) uses the 2nd style,… akelos, Codeigniter and cakePHP do not use the action word at all (3er style)

IMHO name+Controller and name+Action seems to be more intuitive…

but I’m curious about the best practices?

What do you think?

If Yii wanted to be consistent, the 2nd option should be used - siteController / indexAction.

However, this is really a minor issue! :)

I prefer indexAction just because is easy search method. If you use netbeans, u can press "Ctrl+7". This shortcut open the navigator of the class. And u can type action name. And get the right method. Press enter, and focus it.

I agree but for a framework that uses ‘convention over configuration’…

having ‘issues’ in convention is at least annoying.

I’m sure Yii2 will be the state-of-the-art.