Actioncolumn View And Modal

I have set up this within the grid widget -

[‘class’ => ‘yii\grid\ActionColumn’,

                 'template' => '{view} {update} {delete}',

                 'buttons' => [

                     'view' => function ($url, $model) {

                         return Html::a('<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-eye-open"></span>', $url, [

                         'id' => 'view-link',

                         'title' => Yii::t('yii', 'View'),

                         'data-toggle' => 'modal',

                         'data-target' => '#activity-modal',

                         'data-pjax' => '1',








Then below on the same view page I have the Modal -


  'id' => 'activity-modal',

  'header' => '<h2>Hello world</h2>',

  //'toggleButton' => ['label' => 'click me'],


echo ‘hi’;


How can I pass the data to the modal to display the data in more detail, or even make it populate a form so that the data can be edited.

Also in the return Html:: part the $url is passed to it, but with this there the modal pops up quickly and then the page is redirected to that url, so I have removed that to prevent it from happening.

Many Thanks