Action return value

I am working with a pre-existing Yii app, in which many action methods return false via some execution paths, and have no return value through (most) others.

Since the dispatch of action methods is hidden from (newbies’) view, I can’t see how they get used. Nor do I find any documentation on it. (Please direct me if there is some.)

Does this value actually get used somewhere/somehow, or was my predecessor laboring under some misconception? Thanks!


OK, looking at CController::run() it seems like any return value from an action is ignored. But still, please correct me if I’m wrong.

Actually, looking a bit closer, CController::run() calls (eventually) CAction::runWithParams() which does return a value, false if params are invalid.

So, perhaps there is a point to returning values from an action. Further comments or advice are welcomed! At least this will bump up the topic… :)


Some question like you have.

I wanna

Controller {


$header = return $this->run(‘header’);

$footer = return $this->run(‘footer’);



Maybe i MUST create the widgets?????