Action In Sitecontroller Not Reachable


i started to use the yii framework last week and i like the query builder. But if i create a action in the siteController i cant reach it over the URL index.php?r=site/test

i created the method in siteController.php like this:

public function actionTest()


		print ('Test-Page');


If i put it in another controller and change the URL a little bit like "index.php?r=mycontroller/test" it works fine. What is my error in reasoning?

Every tutorial i found said that its enough to put this function in the controller, but it wont work. I see only a blank page.

Blank page = php error.

Check the logs.

Maybe actionTest already exists in SiteController.

I think you may be defined this action on defaultAccessRules site controller


   public function defaultAccessRules()


		return array(

		array('allow', // allow authenticated user to perform 'create' and 'update' actions






I am not sure it;s work or not.


i’m not really shure what the Problem was, i started from the beginning and importet my old Scripts. Now it works.

There are no errors in the Log-File and i didn’t use the yii authentication. Mybe there where some Problems with my own Authentication-Class.

Just a thought: it can happen sometimes if you turn schema caching on and then modify table structure.

you should never see blank pages in development mode