action create in tabular input

Zack, i visited your live implementation link. I’m trying to work around tabular input using the extension. I’m having trouble. I’m working with users and systems, a user supports several systems. Like the example i wrote my actionCreate but i get an error showing the table 'cause param in foreach (form) is empty.

Please, can you publish the segment code in your actionCreate, or tell me what i’m missing? Can anyone else do it???


Are you sure that the table of input fields is included in the form?

I’had move a little forward. Now i’m capable of show a form with classroom data and a single textarea for student’s name. If i click add button i get a second text area for a second student, but if i click again i don’t get a third one. In actionCreate always u create a studentManager, so i think i should pass both student’s data in $_POST[‘Student’], but the add link is only sending the command.

Question: How can i get 3,4,5… and so on text area for many students before save in database??

The link is only sending the command, but the form submitted is sending the data for the rows, so clicking the button you will get a row more than previous.

If doesn’t work correctly maybe you don’t get correctly the array of data, try with a print_r $_POST

That’s right. I made a mistake. I was writing textareas after endwidget sentences, $_POST do not contain the proper array. Now i’m moving forward. Thanks. I’ll keep u post.

That’s all. It,s working perfect. Thanks Zack.