Action Columns

Hi everyone,

I’ve a question about the gridview widget.

There is a method called rowOptions which allows you to assign a class to a row if the record have a specfic value setted.

For example:

'rowOptions' => function($model){

            if($model->condition == false){

                return ['class' => 'error'];



Is there a way to display an action ,in the action column, depending on the value contained in a specific propriety of a record?

for example if $model->propriety == true i want to display all the action and if $model->propriety == false i want to display only the delete and update actions in the actions column.

Thanks for all the help

You could config the ActionColumn adding this button.

so should i implement the logic for display buttons by using the button propriety?



['class' => 'yii\grid\ActionColumn',

            template' => '{yourAction}',

            'buttons' => [ 

                'yourAction' => function($url,$model){ 


                                         return '';


                                         return Html::button( '<a href=""><i class="fa fa-sign-out"></i></a>',['value' => $url, 'class' => ''] );


You mean something as above?

Very clear as answer thanks all for the help.

Remember: when you are adding custom action to your actioncolumn you have to define yourself default view/delete/edit actions.