Account Module


As yet I’m not allowed to publish an extension (I get: “Sorry, you are too new to add an extension to the repository. Please try posting it in our forum first.”), I share from here this simple account module hosted on GitHub:


It currently allows basic operations on an account: register, login, logout, account, change email, change password and desactivate. Next contributions could be: keep time and IP of registration and last activity, account verification by email and account administration.

I published this module under LGPL license, so you can use it freely but your improvements should keep de same free license. I hope to share in the near future new extensions like captcha, file uploader and wysiwyg editor widgets, file and article modules and so on.

Enjoy and share!

This module is now available on Yii extensions. There you can also find its demo.


where do I run the composer command to get it and the dependencies? In /webapp/protected/extensions ?

or in /webapp/protected ? so the vendor directory composer creates with the extensions in it fits in the vendor directory allready in protected?

I tried both and keep getting CException

Alias "nordsoftware.yii_account.components" is invalid. Make sure it points to an existing directory or file.

Please help.



You can read the this topic "Alias "nordsoftware.yii_account.components" is invalid. Make sure it points to an existing directory or file."