Accordion Menu


first i’m a new be!!!

i had a problem whith the accordion menu widget

i extract it in protected/extensions

i add it in the application configuration file (main.php) :





i call it in my view

$this->widget('ext.emenu.EMenu', array('items' => $emm));

but i got this error :

include(EMenu.php) [<a href='function.include'>function.include</a>]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory



Check that is there any file named


in folder name emenu

the directory will be look like


yes the file exists, but the problem still appears!

open EMenu.php file in extensions/menu you will find the file has short tags <?, change it to <?php instead. I had the same problem and took me so long to figure out.

I now have an issue with publishing the assets. The aurthor has not updated the extension to work with the latest version of yii so its just not working.

thanks it works!

Hi, this extension does not work in IE8. Is there any solution of how this problems? Thanks!

Nice extension but im facing problem while modifying the css and while modifying the length and width of the menu. Please tell me any one, that how to do this?