Accessing modules works in local but not in production

Hi all,

I made One Module in my Yii application.

In this Module there are several controllers: Default, Access, User, and one called perso

In my local pc i can access all those controllers and theirs different methods

But in Production I only can access Access (login, logout) and Default.

But when I try to access perso, or perso/specific_function, then I get a 404 Error

I’m searching for a while and I don’k know why.

Did you face to the same problem ?


what is the difference between your test and production environment? are they different applications hosted in different folders? It depends on your structure you might have not uploaded everything to your production instance.

Could be a letter casing problem …

thanks for your reply,

let’s admit my module is Admin. I have a perso controller, default controller (access possible), access controller (access possible) => 404 => display the content of DefaultController::index

Then I don’t think about letter casing.

And concerning different directory path, It seems not, otherwise I couldn’t address


Check the name of "perso" controller class and the file name for it. "PersoController" in "persoController.php" may not work in unix.

Thanks softark,

but DefaultController has a name DefaultController.php

I really don’t understand, from where this comes from.

OK, I found…

My controller name was ProfilUserController and the associated php file was ProfilUserController.php

I change to ProfiluserController.php and all things seem correct …

Is it a Yii Bug ?