Access Session variables from other application by Yii app (in the same server)

How can I access Session variables from another application (not Yii) by a Yii app (both in the same server)?

I'm going to start a new feature of my application using Yii and would like have access to some session variables my application already have setup.

My application (not Yii) is in folder "httpdocs/diretor"

and the new feature(Yii) will be in folder "httpdocs/yii-planSem".

I tried this:

$session = Yii::app()->getSession();

echo $session->sessionID;

and I can see that the session ID (and session name) are the same in both applications, but I can not access and specific vars.

Anyhelp on this?

CHttpSession is a thin wrapper on $_SESSION. You may try $_SESSION directly, but I think the result should be the same. You may check your session cookie settings.

I tried that too.

If I dump $_SESSION I get an empty array.


I just found out (remembered) that I using a custom DB-storage for session data instead of files…  :P