Access Same Action For Multiple Urls

Hi, i am new to YII. i am having issues with friendly URLs.

What i am trying to do is , i want to access same action for multiple routes. For Examples



These URLs work fine But when i try to use below URLs to access same action, it gives me error.

1- 'browse/category/<parentcatname:[-_a-z]+>/<categoryname:[-_a-z]+>/<categoryid:[0-9]+>'=> 'product/CategoryProducts', 

2- '<affusername:[a-z0-9_\.]+>/browse/category/<parentcatname:[-_a-z]+>/<categoryname:[-_a-z]+>/<categoryid:[0-9]+>'=> 'product/CategoryProducts', 


class ProductController extends Karmora


        public function actionCategoryProducts($affusername=NULL, $parentcatname, $categoryname, $categoryid)


	      echo $affusername;exit;



For URL 2, it is working fine but when i use url 1, it gives me error

"[size="5"]Error 400[/size]

Your request is invalid."

please guide me whats wrong with multiple parameter passing?

According to me ,just try


instead of ‘/browse’=>‘product/index’

Good Luck.

No its not working