Access restrictions

Hi, I’m a student who’s just recently started using the Yii framework. I was tasked to create a Quiz module for a teacher to create quizzes in, and students to take them. I started studying the Access Control Filter and Role-based Access Control (ACF and RBAC), and it’s proving to be challenging for me to learn, still being inept. I started to wonder if there is an easier (not just for the sake of being easy, but just to fit the requirements enough) way to do this if I only wanted to keep students away from the pages that aren’t for them to see. Is there?

Have you checked existing extensions for doing this? It usually takes people a while to get their head around rbac and acf.

I developed this tutorial for light implementations of RBAC. It works with advanced template, so if you are using basic, you can ignore the parts for login. Either way, it should give you an idea of what to do.

What did you mean by checked? I have been reading the documentations in the 2.0 guide for RBAC and ACF. As far as I’ve read, ACF only has functionality for ‘visitors’ (token ‘?’) and ‘authenticated users’ (token ‘@’), so I thought that’s not the one for me - I might be wrong. I just started reading about the RBAC, too. Forgive me for revealing how inept I am at Yii, but all the while I’ve been looking for restrictions on page access, but what I’ve read was about restrictions on specific actions, which is not exactly what I was hoping for although I might still be able to use it. So I just wanted to ask some advice about this here, since I have deadline and learning RBAC might take a little bit too much of time. Should I keep on going for RBAC, or is there another efficient of doing this?

Thank you!

This looks good, evercode. I’ll start digging into this, thanks!

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