Access denied

Hello there.

I recently landed a job that requires me to get comfortable with the Yii framework. I have no experience at all with anything other than hand-written code, which makes this quite a leap for me. I’m trying to follow the official toturials here: but I’m hitting a few snags on my way.

The most recent problem I am having is during step 2 of the screencasts. When I try to save changes made to the index.php file in the View folder, I am getting an “access denied” error message from Dreamweaver. I can edit files in the Controller no problem, but the View files seem to be off limits. I tried in Notepad++ as well to make sure it wasn’t some weird DW control problem, but that gave me the same problem.

Is there any config switch I have to turn on somewhere?

Access denied suggests that you don’t have write permission on the view folder or the file itself. Has the file been generated by gii? If so, it’s probably owned by the web server process.

Which OS are you using?

The file has indeed been generated by Gii. I’m sitting on Windows 7.

Any work around?

I don’t know much about file permissions on Windows. Maybe this link can help:

Thanks for the help mate. But I’m running through every step and it’s still giving me the same error. Access denied.