Access attributes in MANY_MANY relations

Hi Gurus. I’m newbie in Yii and i’m doing my first proyect. I have a user table (A), a post table (B) and e post_for_users table ©. This is the schema.

A(id, …)

B(id, …)

C(id_A, id_B, is_read) (a many_many relation aditional table)

I need to access the is_read field. I’m using relations like

$post_user = A::model()->with(‘post’)->findAll($criteria)

I get in $post_user all post written for user ttt (that’s way i’m using $criteria). Question:

How can i access to is_read field????? I need to know if ttt had read the post or not.

Use Gii to generate your three models and I am sure you’ll figure it out.

Read the guide, then take Gii for a spin.

I’m not sure why OP never replied, but I could find nothing in the tutorial NOR in Gii that would allow me to access such properties.