Accesing module in admin controller

I installed this extension

I made this configuration

'urlManager' => [
           'class' => 'codemix\localeurls\UrlManager',
           'enablePrettyUrl' => true,
           'showScriptName' => false,
           'enableStrictParsing' => false,
           'languages' => [ 'ro', 'en'],
           'enableLanguagePersistence'    => false,
           'languageSessionKey'           => false,
           'languageCookieDuration'       => false,
           'enableLanguageDetection'      => false,
           'enableDefaultLanguageUrlCode' => true,

           'rules' => [
                '<alias:\w+(-\w+)*>'    => 'site/<alias>',

           'ignoreLanguageUrlPatterns' => [
                '#^admin/(.*)#'          => '#^admin/(.*)#',

Basically, I have two controllers site and admin, any actionNAME from site controller will match ro/actionName or en/actionName. And any actionName from admin controller will match admin/actionName.

Then I installed and configured this extension

And I do not know how to set the filemanager so I can access it ONLY with:


Right now I can access this extension in routes like:


P.S. sorry for my english;