About Removing Index.php From Url

hi, I am new about YII and/or this forum. I am not sure whether this is a bug, or just tip. About hiding index.php in my URL, I am already fine with that. All of my URLs without index.php work perfect. However, the generated menu, for example Home/About/Contact…, when I click on any of the menu items, it redirect to a URL with index.php in it. Is there any way to solve it? I appreciate your help.

Maybe you didn’t set urlManager->showScriptName to false in ‘main’ config?

Here is complete guide about how to remove index.php from all your URLs. It includes two main steps:


[*] create/change .htaccess file in the root of your site (URL without index.php works, so I think you’ve already taken this step).

[*] change configuration of Yii application url manager to hide index.php from all URLs


If you take these steps, your problem will be solved.

Great! It works. Thank you!

thanks you very much