About Paypal Advance With Yii.

Dear all,

I am trying to integrate my project with Paypal advance(I tried paypal pro but get declined).

I want the user transfer the money from their credit card to others’ account(To us, but I add other user’s balance in our site)

What I was thinking were:

A page with amount of money and a submit button.

When the user clicks it, it use jQuery’s “post” to my controller, in there, I save the user’s id, the recipient’s id into the session.

In the meantime, i post the “amount of money” to paypal’s page, in that page, the user input their paypal account or credit card number, after that, it post back to my site, in that corresponding action, I check the amount, and read the sender’s id and recipient’s id, save them into the database.

Is it okay?

I am so pissed with paypal. It would be soooo much eaiser if I can use paypal payment pro.

Yes, that’s ok.