About joinWith questions

Hello everyone, my English is not good, use the google translation, please understand.

Will the use joinWith, sql record debug bar, the discovery will be more out of a query.

If table table_a, table_b relationship table_a.classid = table_b.id

After using the following query

$query = info::find()->select(['table_a.*','table_b.name');


Sql generated as follows

SELECT * FROM `table_a` LEFT JOIN `table_b` ON `table_a`.`classid` = `table_b`.`id`  LIMIT 20

Then it will be more than one query

SELECT * FROM `table_b` WHERE `id` IN ('3', '7')

The problem is that I have acquired the previous query table_b of the content.

So the second sql I personally see no need to query the database again.

I ask you, is how to avoid this secondary query. Or the secondary query is what is necessary?

Please answer, thank you.