About graphs with jQuery

Hi everyone,

I am working on an application with graphs in it. So far I’ve tried out Flot and jqPlot. They work OK in basic PHP.

But I seem to have problems when putting them into the default WebApp generated using Yiic. With Flot, the graph is fine, but the legend is misbehaving, it is too long and the legend text is outside the box. With jqPlot it is even worse, the graph refuses to obey the div container and the legend also misbehaves. Is there a way to fix this?

Recently I found out that Yii has extensions for Flot and jQuery. Do they behave properly under the default WebApp generated by Yiic? I am curious about them but really would hate it if I spend hours figuring it out and have the graphs misbehave.

I include a screenshot. The graph above is using Flot, the one under it is using jqPlot. Both are supposed to be 300px high and 500px wide. The Flot graph is contained but the jqPlot one goes mad.

BTW the default webapp also interferes with CMenu and to a lesser degree, MbMenu. I hope it doesn’t do that with every jQuery-based script I’m thinking of putting in.

I am also still searching the best chart extension.

have you look in http://yii.te.gd/extension/jqplot ?

the basic example there can be applied as easy as plug n play.

but I found some issues when trying to change the legend to my custom text.

wish you best of luck.