About Bootstrap and Buttons.........help!!!!!!!!!

Dear all,

I just bootstrapped my project.

However, I found that all CHtml::submitButtons change to ugly grey buttons…like the following pic…

If I change the css class from "row buttons" to "btn", it will be a bootstrap submit button AND a grey one…( this grey one will be in the bootstrap one…)

Any Ideas about how to deal with this…?


any ideas…?

A quick way to troubleshoot things like this (for me at least) is the dev tools in your browser (I’m using chrome) - inspect the element and just start browsing the applied styles, turning them off and on line-by-line until you find the culprit (go for the obvious things first)…I saw something similar to this too when I first started using bootstrap, but I think it was because I had some of the original blueprint styles still applied…


Have you find the solution? I have the same problem !