Ability to support Yii financially

In order for such a big project as Yii to function properly, we need core contributors watching it constantly: making sure it goes in the right way, managing releases, making decisions. Time proved that while it is possible to do it having a full-time job, it is not as focused, fast and committing as needed.

Previously it was possible to support Yii in many ways: contributing code, participating in community activities, translating documentation. Donating to the project was not among them. Now it is.




Now it is. (will you also change the framework name to Nii now? :)) )


He-he… what a typo :slight_smile:

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Apparently my company is the first one to donate $100 each month. I really hope others will come.


Thank you very much for that. Craft joined today with great contribution as well.

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Yeah “Now It Is”! Finally have a way to fund yiisoft.

Thanks for sharing this information with us.

I suggest changing the title of this thread to make it more obvious, e.g. “Please support Yii Framework financially”. When I read the title in my weekly digest email I expected a technical planning discussion.

And pin the thread so it remains visible.

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As a Yii developer for the past 7 years this post makes me worry.
Laravel has Laracasts and Forge which I’m pretty sure helps keep them funded in some aspect. Why can’t these idea’s be brought over to Yii? If these idea’s are viable could a kickstarter campaign be started to cover start up costs?

These ideas could be brought to Yii but first we need Yii 3 released.


Paypal has a system for billing monthly donations. I know that Wikipedia gets financial support from end users using this approach.