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ontariosolarguide.com, a website helps people find best solar products and contractors in Ontario, Canada.

This is my first website based on yii and GXC. I am not the developer. Mr.80 and his team helped me finish this project. They are still working on some small bugs. They are awesome.

Thanks in Advance,

       I have visited your website.It is a very nice work and i want to know the way of navigation.

       And also i would like to know is it necessary to make tables for and generate crud for rendering page from one to another.

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Thanks for your comment. But frankly speaking, I don’t know too much about the details. Please contact Mr80 (the founder of gxc cms). I am sure he’d love to answer your questions.

1)The whole design is very decent.

2)I tested gxc. It still needs a lot of work. I was wondering why you did not choose wordpress or drupal as the base to develop your application.

Thanks for your comments.

Well, I didn’t have time and skills to finish this site by myself. I had to hire someone to do it. After bidding on some freelance websites, I finally released the GXC team’s proposal is the most reasonable. I can not tell which is the best CMS but gxc turned out to be the most affordable solution. However, I have to admit that it took a bit longer than I expected because gxc is still under development.