A Web Deployment Tool


I create a web deployment tool written in PHP with yii2, Easy for configuration, Fully functional, Smooth interface, Out of the box. support git/svn Version control system, no matter what language you are, php/java/ruby/python, just as jenkins. you can deploy the code or output to multiple servers easily by walle.

Now, there are more then ten companies hosted walle for deployment, star walle if you like : )

the github project: http://github.com/meolu/walle-web


Support git/svn Version control system.

User signup by admin/develop identity.

Developer submit a task, deploy task.

Admin audit task.

Multiple project.

Multiple Task Parallel.

Quick rollback.

Group relation of project.

Task of pre-deploy(e.g: test ENV var).

Task of post-deploy(e.g: mvn/ant, composer install for vendor).

Task of pre-release(e.g: stop service).

Task of post-release(e.g: restart service).

Check up file md5.





That’s all. It’s base package of PHP environment!

The link: https://github.com/meolu/walle-web

It looks great :)

Could you please stop using Chinese for comments and commits because it is not yet the universal language of the world.

I would trust the project more if they were in English.

((If Yii were in Russian and Chinese then I would stop using it))

I saw your project before but noticed the language, but I will try and look at it again because you wrote about it :)

Quick question: I am reading English overview right now and the ‘Deployment Flow’ seems to suggest that the only thing that happens on the target server is the result of the rsync, which seems to suggest that - even if your post-deploy requires composer and node.js - you don’t have to have that on the target.

Am I right?

Looks like a great tool :)

Yes, It’s good for spreading, I’am changing.

Almost: )

walle needs php to call shell command (git, rsync) on the server which hosts walle, if the host server is able to do an SSH connection to the target servers using ssh keys without passphrase, then every thing is ok. The target servers need nothing to be installed.

Thanks a lot Huamanshu !

Really appreciated :)

:lol: great works !