A way to modify the ajax sorting request in a CGridView

Hi all,

I’m facing to a problem:

I have a search Form. The result of the search is displayed in a CGridView

The problem I have is that when I decide to sort a column the ajax request doesn’t take into account the search parameters which have lead to the result.

Consequence is that the ajax request return a set of result which are far from the one originaly displayed.

Then, is there a way to modify the ajax request (the url in the header of the columns) in my CGridView to incorporate the search parameter ?


A way to achieve this is to consider the CSort object gathered by CDataProvider

When I perform a search I have to repear the params of the search then creating an array collecting paramName => paramValue and set myDataProvider->sort->params with this array.

It makes the CGridView built with good url for sorting.