A Type-able select ?

We all know that Select in HTML can’t be typed (unlike combobox in Windows UI). But I ever seen that in some website. Most notably is Joomla’s backend, there is a select that can be typed.

Is there any ready to use function in Yii to create such object?

If there isn’t, usually what will you do to let user either type the value or choose one of the options?

There are some jQuery plugins for combo boxes (i think that’s the general term for these input elements). But i never tested any of them.

Some years ago i (mis)used a autocompleter to get a similar behavior.

Ah… I know one names Sexy Combo…

But I haven’t tried it myself…

so what do you mean by (mis)used anyway, mind for sharing ?? :D

Sorry, have no code anymore. It never made it into a project and thinking about it, it might not have been the best idea ;)