A Team of Programmers and engineers needed.

I am trying to create a website for musicians. Where they can share/sell their music. They can also choose to advertise their music on the site itself. The site will have a top plays chart so it needs to keep count of how many plays each band has. It will have different profiles depending on if they sign up as a artist, producer, fan, etc…

Similar sites are www.soundclick.com , www.reverbnation.com

But i want to take a more of a social network approach with this. I have a lot of different ideas for it and have the site sketched out.

So I need programmers who will be able to do all the coding for this. I am not a programmer so I have no idea really what requirement you will need in order to be able to work on this. But this will definitely be a long term job. The team will be responsible for getting the developement of the site done, finding anything plugins or codes needed to get it all to connect together. Once the site is up, the team will be running the site and dealing with any bugs on a daily basis plus any changes or upgrades we come up with.

Please email me at Jaeheat@gmail.com if you are interested. Tell me your price and terms for the job. Send me a mini resume and if you have done anything similar to this. I am trying to get this project running as soon as possible.

I am located in Miami, FL so if your anywhere near by, thats even better. It is not a requirement though.