A small issue with MVC

I have a problem with the MVC architecture. I have to say I am pretty new to this but I already built a functional site (small and simple, but it works :D).

I understand the general concept of the MVC and read all the guides I could find including the wiki articles online and the Yii topic which covers it (wonderfully!), as well as some of Ulman’s recomendations. My controllers like the views pretty decent, my views consist of mainly HTML and little php and my models contain most of my buisness logic which the controller calls in seperate functions. I like it a lot and everything seems neet to me.

So to my question! Java! I have no idea how to use Javascript to consistantly keep this MVC logic together. The more Jquery/Ajax calls I use the more I like my site and the better it feels but the MVC architecture seems to dissolve… I am not sure to put the Java function in order to keep the MVC logic consistent :(

If anyone could shed some light on how to arrange Ajax and other java functions with my MVC design I would be more then happy!

Thanks a tons!

Javascript (that is quite different from Java) and allclient script are part of th presentation layer, so put in the views.

This is all code that runs on client, so it does not touch the mvc structure of the server application.