A slack for Yii

I think Yii team should create a slack team for Yii. Slack is a huge communication tool and Yii can adopt it to agilize some communication. What do you think?

It can have the basic channels (general, code, plugins) and some channels specific for large plugins for example yii2-user.

I think that a Slack chat is overkill for Yii community. Yii already has IRC and Gitter.

Almost anyone uses IRC anymore.

Gitter is a good solution I didn’t knew this channel, but I would prefer Slack is away better, slack is the best communication tool at the moment, is easy to organize and powerful for simple and complex projects

Yii’s IRC is pretty much crowded. It’s easy to create Slack channel but that wouldn’t it be too many disconnected chats?

I entered in IRC and there are alot of people, I don’t remember the last time I have used IRC. Although I din’t Slack is much more user friendly. I love yii2 but sometime is too geeky, I think in some topics we should be more like laravel “https://larachat.co/

This multiple chats IRC, Gitter, should be unified and created only one channel I prefer Slack but can be other platform.

I was going to suggest slack as well but then I found this topic. I have no problem with IRC but since I started working on mac computer its being even hard to find a decent IRC client for OSX. Slack is exceptional I think that would be great addition to migrate from IRC to Slack.

Come on, man!

You are not being serious, are you?

Slack is a walled garden. Why on Earth would and should Yii migrate to that?

There’s lots of IRC clients available - also for the Mac.

+1 for Slack


Do you really think that fragmenting the Yii community even more is a good idea?

I don’t want to fragment the community, Slack has just been superior in my experience. Code formatting, screen sharing, sub channels, etc. If no one wants to go to Slack we’ll stick with IRC, I don’t have strong feelings about it. I just don’t want to be on the wrong side of most popular vs best.

I am not saying that Slack isn’t great - it probably is.

I just wouldn’t use Slack, personally, because I don’t like walled (proprietary) gardens much.

My point is: why introduce yet another community platform?

Reminds be a bit of that xkcd comic about the competing standards…

Instead, I think Yii ought to make the forum so good that people would want to use it, a lot!

Discourse, or maybe NodeBB, would be a good upgrade I think, and it will have modern, Slack/Gitter like features.

And the Yii project would not have to put all of the eggs into a proprietary third-party basket :)


Yii already have a Facebook group, a Gitter room, IRC, StackOverflow presence .

and probably something that I overlooked.

It really shouldn’t have another thing.

A new and irresistible forum to replace the one we currently have would be nice!

Preferably a forum of which we can say:

A bit like Slack, but better.

Similar to StackOverlow, only better.

Akin to a Facebook group, although more sassy!

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Here’s what we have now: https://github.com/yiisoft/yii2/wiki/communities

Has anyone tried this?: https://www.irccloud.com/

Is it as good as it looks? If so it may provide some of the functionality people want from Slack while using IRC.

It’s supposedly and IRC client that provides nice extra features: “Embed linked images, videos, tweets, code snippets and more alongside your discussions.”

There are several Slack-like implementations that are not only free but also open source.

That’s better than any proprietary non-selfhosted option IMO.

I’ve used Let’s Chat -> https://github.com/s...ments/lets-chat

It’s nice. Node.js.

XMPP chat, code pasting, images, etc.

There are a couple of other options, I will post links to them later.

They require some libraries on the server, though.

A list of 13 open source Slack alternatives:


MatterMost and Rocket.Chat are two good options, I’ve tried those, but there are other interesting choices too…

I have also tried Kandan, but it did not impress me much.

It is kind of similar to Gitter.


I would probably choose MatterMost.

It is based on Golang / React, and has tons of integrations.

It is Slack compatible, btw.


Whatever it’s going to be, it would be nice if it could be hooked up with the Yii IRC channel(s).

It would also be great if it could be hooked up with the new forum software as well.

Well, Slack invitation link is no longer works.
And when on Office, I can not connect to IRC due to internet policy applied here, sadly :frowning:

Anyway, forum is great btw :slight_smile:

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It should work. I’ve double-checked. Link is still the same and people are joining. Forum, in my opinion, is excellent.

The Slack invite link has expired. Does the Slack team still exist or has it been terminated?

Again :frowning: Slack seems to be not-so-good solution for communities.