A Problem From Cjuidatepicker And Locale Formatting

I’m using the CJuiDatePicker to get a date, objiously.

In italian, it write ‘dd/mm/yyyy’

Actaully, the internal date format of Yii for my locale i ‘dd/mm/yy’ with only two digit !!!

So if my my rusles I do this, the date is always not valid

 array('validFromDate, validToDate', 'date', 

		          'format' => Yii::app()->getLocale()->getDateFormat('short'), 

Is there a way force CJuiDatePicker to give me only 2 digits !?

Is there a intelligent way to handle data conversion from locale to and/from mysql date field format ?

Check out i18n-datetime-behavior extension.

I use that extension myself (altough I have heavily modified it for my needs).

the problem I this extension doesn’t work for italian date fromat dd/mm/yyyy …

Well, then you need to modify it to suit your needs.