A plugin directory

Hi everyone !

I’m working on a webapp where I am trying to build a plugin system, to allow external contributions. The thing is that I would like to separate the plugins from the core to let users update the core easily without touching their plugins and also not to mix everything up.

I saw in ./protected/config/main.php the import array, I added


and created a directory ./protected/plugins

And it works :slight_smile: But I was just wondering if I could take plugins out of the protected folder, or somehow to have the whole core in one folder and possibly one folder at the root of my application with user’s content.

I hope this is not too confusing, but as an example, if you look at Wordpress, all the user’s stuff are in a folder called /wp-content/ making it quite easy to update the core.

Thanks for any idea, input or comment.


If you want to reference a folder inside your aplication root folder, you can use ‘webroot.plugins.*’

That did the trick, thanks a lot :slight_smile: