A man for hire


Preambule: I’m not giving a project. I’m looking for a job.


Hello! I am Yii expert following along with framework since 1.1.8 version with continuous practice(till current release version 2.0.4). About 10 years PHP-practice. Profile education. Development through TDD(CI, tests). I have excellent skills with both: Yii2.x.x and 1.1.x(AR model’s logging included). Additional skills: MySQL and PostgreSql, PHPUnit/Codeception, SphinxSearch, JS(JQuery, Backbone), Git, *nix systems, TeamCity. Also, i have huge experience with developing techs such as: API, push notifications e.t.c.

Have good skills in QA(about 5 years work with hands-by and auto testing).

I have a pretty high rate, but you’ll pay for pretty high quality of a job.

I’m looking for a new professional experiences and skills


working for result

feeling good in punctuality

I’m in touch anytime from 6:00(GMT) to 19:00(GMT).

My skype: sviiiter

Email: resvit@gmail.com

Please, feel free to contact me.