A Guide For How To Integrate Yiibooster And Yiistrap&yiiwheels

Dear All,

I am Scott Huang, from Xiamen China, New to Yii community.

I start php/yii programming from Sep,2013 this year due to want to design one web tool for my department to enhance efficency. After compare, I decide use Yii framework, till now, I am happy for my choice:)

Yii provide good extensions/modules to expedite your work, I use users/rights/backup/Yiiboster/Yiistrap&Yiiwheels/Yiimail till now.

Some people want to integrage Yiibooster and Yiistrap&Yiiwheels together. Below is the method:

  1. Setup Yiibooster/Yiistrap/Yiiwheels per their own setup guidance firstly.

1. In protected\config\main.php

a.set alias for the 3 straps.

‘aliases’ => array(

‘bootstrap’ => realpath(DIR . ‘/../extensions/YiiBooster-2.1.1/src’), // change if necessary

‘yiistrap’ => realpath(DIR . ‘/../extensions/yiistrap-1.2.2’), // change if necessary

‘yiiwheels’ => realpath(DIR . ‘/../extensions/yiiwheels-1.0.3’), // change if necessary


b. Import change to:

‘yiistrap.helpers.TbHtml’, //for yiistrap

c. Components change to:

‘bootstrap’ => array(

         'class' =>'bootstrap.components.Bootstrap', //turn on when try use boostrap


    'yiistrap' => array(

       'class' => 'yiistrap.components.TbApi', //turn on when try use yiistrap


    'yiiwheels' => array(

       'class' => 'yiiwheels.YiiWheels',

2. protected\views\layouts\main.php change boostrap to yiistrap.

Yii::app()->yiistrap->register(); //for yiiwheels and yiistrap

[b]3. use netbeans => Edit => Replace in project

a. select your protected\extentions\yiiwheels-1.0.3

replace [b]import('boostrap.

[/b] to [b]import('yiistrap.


b. select your protected\extentions\yiistrap-1.2.2[/b]

replace [b]import('boostrap.

[/b] to [b]import('yiistrap.

4. Done. You can use the 3 interface all.

The 3 UI all can work well in firefox both.

Yiistrap sometimes cannot show correct in IE9. ==> Need the Yiistrap author to double check the code.


Sounds nice, but I haven’t tried it so far.

btw: you may also create a wiki article with nice code formatting etc. from your post: http://www.yiiframework.com/wiki/

Why integrate them?

Doesn’t yii-strap and yii-wheels provide all the functionality of YiiBooster?

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1.The main reason is only Yiibooster show correctly both in IE/QQBrowser/Fireworks browser in my notebook, while Yiistrap/wheels only work in Fireworks.

2.And it can resolve if someone want use Yiibooster+Yiiwheels only.

3.Myself also want to learn all of these 3 extensions. Thanks.