A CRUD that covers all common input types


I am struggeling with learning yii, I would like to use it mainly for CRUD purpose.

Could someone demonstrate a CRUD where you can see all types of form fields in action:

text, radio, checkbox, drop down.

Then I should epreciate examples of "home made" validation for this input fields.

I think that this would help me and others alot in understanding yii and it might answer my quetions how I should use Gii and take it from there?

I belive that I need this example in order get an understnading how to follw good MVC pratice along with proper OOP.

Maybe there is more than me that need such example? There is an example in the Definitive guide but it does only cover a more simple CRUD. I need more in order to hammer Yii home.

Documentation have enough things you need,

If you want more simple & easy watch DoingITeasyChanel Youtube chanel.