A Bug In The Updatedialog Of Ejuidlgscolumn


First I would like to say that indeed this is a great extenstion.

I think there is a bug if I try to update via EJuiDlgsColumn property of the CGridView.






                'controllerRoute' => 'update', 

                'actionParams' => array('id'=>'$data->id'),

	        'dialogTitle' => 'Meeting Status',

		'dialogWidth' => 800, //override the value from the dialog config

		'dialogHeight' => 400,

		'closeButtonText' => 'Close',

		'closeOnAction' => true, 

		'refreshGridId' => 'meeting-status-grid',



When I look at the output values through my firebug console this is what I find.

The qdsClass parameter and it value EJuiDlgsColumn is not sent as required, instead it is appended to the id parameter and sent.

Any workarounds?

I have a solution for you. I downloaded the QuickDlgs extension only recently and found the same bug. I traced the code that generates this part of the parameter list to the file EJuiDlgsColumn.php, function createButtonUrl(). Find the line of code

$url .= ‘"?’ . http_build_query($params) . ‘"’;

Try changing that line to

$url .= ‘"&’ . http_build_query($params) . ‘"’;

That corrected the parameter list for me.